Social Networks

If you haven't already been talked into it by your kids or your parents ;) Let me tell you, it's time to get on Facebook. However keep this in mind:  You can adjust your settings somewhat but it's best to consider it a public place.  

First step after getting on facebook is to create the "a page"
The "Facebook Page" is to your Facebook account as a Yellow pages ad is to your home phone listing in the white pages. (Old folks translation)

Once you get enough "likes" (I think 25) to your page, you can give it it's own "username" so it's easier to find.

Now for us lazy folks, use Facebook apps to get content from your real web site or sites to also post to your Facebook Page. 
NOTE: from here on out be sure you choose which place you are posting things, that is look for and change the post "on your wall" to "On your Page" if that's what you want. OnyourPage.png

Go here on facebook & then click on go to app
This is a facebook app that takes an RSS feed from somewhere and post to facebook.

Here is an app that takes a feed from a blog
Go to to see examples of blogs and sites it takes feeds from.
Sign up for an account and then "Register a Blog" for yours or ones you want to get posted.  Then to get it posted to your page, click on Syndication...

Now the other thing that is great for promotion is Twitter.  Ya, ya, another thing to sign up for that you don't want to use, but it is searchable by Google and other search engines so what is said on Twitter stays on the internet!  Also, no worries because this too can be set it and forget it. Just have your facebook automatically post to your Twitter.