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Want a free calendar of your own? You don't even have to sign up for a new email. Just open a Google account and use your own email.

Here I've embedded some more calendars I use. Let me know if you would like to be able to add events to any of these on a regular basis and I can invite you to do so.  If you are invited to a calendar it will show up on your calendar.  I have everything
on my calendar from my private appointments (only I can see) to every public calendar I am involved with or interested in.

You can also add events to others calendars depending on what the owner allows by sending an invite from your calendar to the address of the owner of the other calendar.  For many group calendars the address may be something long like this one;
which helps to keep people who are not invited from sending events to your calendar while still making it available for selected users to send public event invitations. To make it easy for anyone to send invitations to your public calendar you can make public a calendar of a real user or make a new user just for the calendar such as events@ofVA.US for this calendar:

Peninsula VW Club; send invites to

send invites to:

Virginia Peninsula Libertarian Party

send invites to:

Send invites to